In my early 40’s, painting burst back into my life after I had put it aside for teaching, family and community work. It became a compelling need to explore the language of nonverbal experience, and develop my own voice.

I started making art again at Ad Hoc Studio with a wonderful artist named Fiona Crangle.  Her mentoring and wisdom are invaluable. I studied at the Toronto School of Art. At Haliburton School of the Arts, I took 3 courses of painting with Harold Klunder, who helped me to move past an interest in content to a fascination with depth in surface.

My own intentions are always contingent upon the life of the paint itself as it evolves on the painting surface. I research a subject, anything from turbulence to Greek myth, before I begin working on a series, to bring a complex of ideas and sensations to the work. Then I forget it all and engage in the business of letting the paint guide me.

I live in Port Hope, Ontario and exhibit in a variety of local galleries and on studio tours. Recently I joined the Colborne Art Gallery, an artist collective where regular six-week shows force me to paint more and think less.