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In the Nave of My Soul


‘Get A Life’ series, 2011

     These abstract oil paintings explore the idea of painting from the “inside out”; from the human body's internal structure, to the process of externalizing deep spiritual impulses. Get a Life is an affirmation of the compelling energies arising from painting intuitively, trusting (as we do with life itself) that what will come, will be life-giving. 

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I Tell My Love in Colour



The Motherhouse



Just To Live is Holy



In the Birth You Will Have All Blessings



Winter Palace



"Our Dead Never Forget This Beautiful Earth" (Chief Seattle)



"You must give birth to your images" (Rainer Maria Rilke)


Floating World #1


Floating World series, 2009

     My own version of “the floating world” arises from the pleasures of living in a comfortable small town.  My town, however, has the uneasy distinction of housing a uranium processing plant which sits scenically on the shore of Lake Ontario.  The paintings in this series play with this dichotomy, by representing a reflected world that is different from the world above the water. 

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Floating World #2



Happytown, Ontario #1



Happytown, Ontario #2


Shore 1


Ice & Shore, 2008/09

     These pieces explore perception and how we read the elements of design. By applying different kinds of surfaces, combining geometric and organic shapes, and using colour to advance or recede parts of the composition, contradictory messages are sent. The overall effect is of landscapes, which seems to resolve the contradictions.

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Ice 1


Kore with Boat


Kore series, 2007

     The Kore is a conventional figure (stereotype) in ancient Greek pottery, representing a young girl. She was kidnapped by the god of the underworld, and grieved by her mother Demeter, an earth mother figure. The myth still possesses a poignancy to which we can relate our individual stories of growing up and away from innocence.

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Kore and the Elders


Kore and Hecate




Abstract work, 2005 - 2007

     The mystery of beginnings, transformation, and sacred spaces is an ongoing muse for my wanderings in paint.

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Beginning of the World




Figurative work, 2005–06

     In these pieces, the body was a starting point for capturing a deep respect for life, its pain and pleasure. In regular life drawing sessions, I continue my fascination with the body’s expressive qualities.

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Oscar 1


Oscar 2


Sleeping with the Fishes